07 April 2023


Dear CSD School Community,


Despite considerable efforts to reopen at least some parts of BRES to our students for this school year, I regret to inform you that after repeated consultation with Steve Lorrain and our entire response team, we have arrived at the decision that it is in the best interests of our students and staff to remain in their satellite locations while the needed repairs continue at BRES.


This was not a decision reached lightly, or alone.  Our response team has continued to meet to review progress and to make necessary adjustments based on new information.  The latest air quality testing showed that previously unaffected areas were now testing elevated for the presence of mold spores.  This added a great deal to the scope of repairs and remediation and we realized that it was time to “shut things down” and allow the work to progress so that the entire building would be reopened without having to factor in potential contamination from construction.


Remaining in satellite locations should provide some relief as well.  The anxiety of are we moving again and/or when will we move is no longer a factor.  It will also allow the workload on our staff to proceed at a more realistic and sustainable pace and allow contractors all the time they need to complete all of the work necessary to reopen BRES.


I will continue to provide updates as appropriate and when the repairs are done we will hold an open house for the community.  The amount of work that has been accomplished to date is considerable, but there is still much to do.


Thank you for your continued understanding, flexibility, and support as we continue to focus our efforts on our student needs.



Robert Kahler, Superintendent of Schools