Dear Boothbay - Boothbay Harbor CSD community members,  

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we work toward our goal of getting all of our students and staff back to in person learning. Unfortunately, the more we learn about the damage which occurred to the BRES, the further out the timeline for a return to in person learning is pushed back. 

Our plan for the week(s) immediately following February Vacation is to continue with our current configuration of: 

High School Students being remote and the 

Elementary Students continuing at BRHS. 

We are also continuing to research outside options to get all of our students back to school for in person learning as soon as possible. 

Next Steps toward reopening the Elementary School building 

Asbestos Abatement - The work began yesterday and is expected to take weeks. 

Demolition of damaged areas - once the required testing allows us to safely work in those wings After demolition the exposed areas will need to thoroughly dry out before reconstruction can begin. 

I continue to meet regularly with our team of facilities and security directors, building administrators, and board chairs of the trustees and the CSD board to review the latest information available and to continue to brainstorm potential solutions to finding alternate locations for our students which will meet their needs and allow all students to return to in person learning as soon as possible. 

We will continue to update you as information and timelines on next steps become more definite. The challenge remains as in each step of the process, we may discover more items that need to be addressed. The appropriate local and state agencies have been informed and are involved in our recovery efforts. 

I recognize how challenging this situation is for students, families, and staff. The work that has been accomplished over the past 12 days has been astounding and we appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we find/create the best solution available for all our students. 

Be well. 


Robert Kahler